Life is a Catwalk: The vintage ones are the best

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I STARTED wearing vintage clothes before I knew what vintage was.

I was 15 and was getting ready to go to my first real music concert, but my outfit needed a finishing touch.

I ran upstairs and plunged head-first into our ‘dressing up box.’ When my sister and I were little my parents had filled it with unwanted clothes, including a white furry jacket, which was the first to be plucked from the pile on that night.

Over the years, the dressing up box got raided more and more often. A 70s homemade brown summer dress emblazoned with orange flowers, a short black jacket with sizeable shoulder pads, a flat-cap, and most of the belts and bags; all made their way into my wardrobe.

It wasn’t until I started my first full-time job that my eyes were really opened to the world of vintage. I worked with an incredibly stylish girl who wore vintage, and looked amazing every day. It was then I decided to hunt down the proper vintage shops and, with her help and a map, I spent a thrilling day rummaging through the scores of boutiques on London’s Brick Lane.

Locally it can be tricky to come across vintage clothing, that is why every six months my heart skips a beat as I visit the Handmade and Vintage fair held at York House in Stony Stratford. At the summer fair I picked up an amazing 80s batwing jumper and a cute little dress. After buying both I still had change from a tenner. The autumn Handmade and Vintage fair was held on November 6, and was just as popular, with the venue bursting with three floors of stalls, enough for any vintage lover.

Some ten years after first diving into that dressing up box, I own countless vintage items, mostly from the 70s and 80s eras that, through my mum’s wardrobe, I’ve come to love. I just hope my future children will one day feel the same about wet-look leggings, printed T-shirts and skinny jeans.

>If you too are a vintage vixen, head to the next Handmade and Vintage fair in May.