Life is a Catwalk: Time to raid the sales

Sales open at Harrods
Sales open at Harrods

WHAT is it about post-Christmas sales that send people so crazy?

There you are, minding your own business, rummaging through a rail of handsome sparkly jumpers, when from one side you are approached by a yeti with a menacing sneer, and on the other a 14-year-old with elbows like daggers. In a pincer movement they squeeze you out of the sale space and leave you in a heap on the floor as they continue their frantic dash as if those were the last clothes on earth. In reality, you are just on the high street, the week after Christmas.

Anyone who has ever risked life and limb to tackle the sale rails will know this scenario, and know that to succeed in the sales you have to have a ‘When, What and How’ plan. Firstly, work out when your favourite stores hold their big sales – if you can’t find out online, with a sweet smile just ask one of the shop assistants – they’ll normally know as they’ll be planning for it.

The next thing to do is research what you are going to buy, decide if there are any particular items you are looking for, be it a new coat, party shoes or work wear. Also check out what styles and trends will still be around in spring to make sure you are not buying something that is just going out of fashion.

On the day think about how you are going to shop. Plan to get there earlier rather than later and, although you should have your list in mind, don’t be afraid of picking up things you wouldn’t usually try and giving them a whirl in the changing rooms. Similarly, some things go into the sale because they fit badly, so make sure, if possible, you try on everything you want to buy.

Lastly, wear comfortable clothing, and an over-the-shoulder bag, for hands-free browsing. Enjoy the sales, stick to your plan and most importantly, watch out for those killer elbows.