Life is a Catwalk: To ink or not to ink?


Love them or hate them, tattoos are everywhere, but what is it about skin art that is so appealing?

I like tattoos, whether they are done for aesthetic or sentimental reasons, I think they are so interesting. When the topic came up at work it was revealed that a surprising 60% of the Style team have tattoos, even though half of those people have them in places that are not visible on a daily basis.

And although I find tattoos interesting, and I love looking at other people’s, I have none myself.

When I was younger I experimented with temporary body art, and loved henna tattoos, so I always thought I’d get one inked at some point. I’ve toyed with the idea – what would I get and where, an anchor on my ankle, a heart on the nape of my neck or lettering around my wrist – but never got any further.

My reluctance to go under the needle boils down to three things. First, there is the pain. I hold my hand up and admit I am a complete wimp and the idea of having a needle repeatedly inserted into my skin makes me feel sick. Secondly, I would worry the tattoo would come out wrong, we’ve all seen those pictures where a foreign language tattoo is re-translated and actually reads ‘Diet Coke’ instead of ‘love and honour’. Finally, and most importantly, how could I ever choose a design I’d want to wear for the rest of my life, when I change my style on a daily basis – I can’t even keep the same hairstyle for longer than ten minutes.

I’m not saying I love all tattoos, I’ve seen plenty I think are just horrible, but tastefully done by a talented tattoo artist I think they can look fantastic. For me, toying with the idea will continue, until then, perhaps it is best I stick to henna, just in case I do change my mind.

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Alex Gardner is the senior features writer for Style Magazine Buckinghamshire.

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