Life is a Catwalk: Why make up is a must have

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WOULD you believe me if I said that what is in your make-up bag is almost as important as the contents of your wardrobe? No, I didn’t think so, but trust me, I’m a fashion doctor. You know, sort of.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to not need to wear make-up?

We’d all love to wake up in the morning, splash some mountain-fresh water in the vague direction of our faces, gently blot with an Egyptian cotton towel and run out the door looking like Kate Moss circa 1995. But let’s get real girls, even Kate Moss doesn’t look like Kate Moss on her days off. Most of us need our slap.

I know I certainly do, the few unlucky people who have seen me sans make-up will testify that au naturel I look like a zombie.

So that is why it is important to choose your make up selection with the same care you choose your clothes, and if you take time and effort selecting and co-ordinating your outfit, pay the same consideration to your cosmetic choices.

Make-up can be more than just a finishing touch, a slick of red lipstick worn with your pencil skirt or a pastel eye shadow with your baby-blue cashmere can make an outfit.

If you’ve purchased the products but aren’t sure how to apply them to best effect visit the make-up counters at your favourite department store.

Here the professionals can give you tips on how to stop your lipstick bleeding – choose a matte shade, use a lip-liner and apply with a brush – and other such make-up dilemmas.

Also yes, some make-up is good, but don’t apply with a trowel, the whole point of cosmetics are to enhance your already beautiful face.

So if anyone ever tells you that you look better without your make up applied, I’m afraid, you just ain’t doing it right.