Life is green again after a fair wait

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The head greenkeeper at Windmill Hill Golf Course has been re-hired after months of uncertainty surrounding his future.

Paul Lever was made redundant after 15 years tending the popular course following the liquidation of previous owners Golf Course Management Ltd.

However, new owners, Martin Guy Development (MGD), offered Mr Lever his job back days before the course re-opened last week.

He said: “I got a call from the new owners who asked to meet with me. We had a big chat and they said I would be beneficial to them. I was chuffed to bits, I’ve got a mortgage to pay.

“It is great to see new machinery being introduced but there is still a lot of tidying to be done. It looks neat and tidy but as the weather improves we will be cutting a lot more.”

MGD owner, Martin Guy, said: “Where people had been laid off we looked straight into rehiring them. Paul had been working here until he physically couldn’t, when the machines were taken away.

“We try and exceed expectations and we like to hire qualified, local people where we can.”

Councillor Elaine Wales said “I am delighted the course is now open, and I look forward to visiting soon. It is really good news that a valued facility is being used again.”