Lifesize dinosaurs return to Milton Keynes

Jay Jay Burridge, the artist and former presenter of BBC children's art show SMart visited Milton Keynes yesterday - and he brought a rather large pal with him.

Wednesday, 20th September 2017, 1:53 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th September 2017, 12:02 pm
Jay Jay Burridge with his supersaur in Middleton Hall at centre:mk

Since leaving SMart, Jay Jay has nurtured his lifelong love of dinosaurs, designing lifesize ‘supersaurs.’

Some of these monsters have been displayed in Beverly Hills, and he has collaborated with his pal Jamie Oliver on the ‘Dinersaur Diner’ situated in Piccadilly.

He is currently working on a thrilling and immersive new series of middle grade adventure books The World of Supersaurs, which imagines that dinosaurs never went extinct and instead evolved as supersaurs, who live alongside people!

Jay Jay visted centre:mk with a lifesize tyrannosaurus ‘tyrant’, to meet some schoolchildren, and he will return this Saturday (September 23) for a book signing at WHSMith, from midday.

Jay Jay’s fascination with dinosaurs dates back to his childhood visits to the Natural History Museum. He went on to study fine art sculpture at Central St Martins’ College of Art, where his final degree show was a 40 foot long, slot together, self-assemble dinosaur skeleton made of MDF.

He’s a proper dinosaur whizz, and his ‘saurs’ in Supersaurs are brilliantly well-developed and really up to date – they have feathers, and live alongside the main characters as pets, beasts of burden, big game, and sometimes predators.