Light up your VE Day celebrations


Milton Keynes is being challenged to get behind VE Day on May 8 by lighting a beacon, observing a two minute silence and holding street parties.

On the Friday evening at Campbell Park Milton Keynes Mayor Councillor Derek Eastman will be joined by High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire Francesca Skelton and The Royal British Legion to commemorate the day by lighting of a beacon at the MK Rose – a place for people to celebrate and commemorate occasions important to them.

And the people of Milton Keynes are being invited to come along to the beacon lighting due to start at 9.30pm.

The city’s poet Mark Niel will be conducting the ceremony to mark 70 years since the end of World War Two.

At the time there was a great outburst of rejoicing across the nation and to reflect that war time spirt there a chance to join in with famous songs from the war years.

Earlier in the day Milton Keynes citizens are being asked to remember this historic event by taking part in a two minute silence at 3pm on Friday, May 8.

Milton Keynes Council is leading the way by holding a two minute silence at the Civic Offices and it is hoped businesses and organisations across the borough will also join in this act of shared remembrance and rejoicing.

Citizens are also being encouraged to join in with other people across the UK by holding picnics and street parties on Sunday afternoon, May 10.

Milton Keynes Mayor Cllr Derek Eastman said: “The nation breathed a collective sigh of relief 70 years ago when the Second World War ended in Europe.

“It was a time for everyone to rejoice that the nightmare of war was at an end and that people could look forward to a future without fear and start to enjoy life again.”

Commemorations that are happening nationally include:

- A national two-minute silence at 3pm on Friday, May 8.

- Lighting beacons across the country on the evening of Friday, May 8.

- A VE Day concert will be transmitted live on the BBC.

- Picnics and street parties on the afternoon of Sunday, May 10.

- Illuminating landmarks and buildings to remember that they were also lit up on VE Day in 1945.

Parking for the Beacon event is available at Campbell Park and at the Theatre District multi-storey car park.