Lights, camera, action as young film makers premiere their work

MPMC Junior Film makers premiere
MPMC Junior Film makers premiere
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Never mind the Oscars four young aspiring film makers will premiere their work on March 7 at the Milton Keynes Academy.

The group have undertaken the Junior Filmmakers 24-week training programme and in the process have learnt about story development, script writing, casting, crewing, filming and editing.

Funded by Community First, ‘Seven Rooms’ is produced by young people from Jubilee Wood School and MK Academy who live in Fishermead Estate. Their film focuses on young people’s ideas for the future of the central Milton Keynes estate.

‘Game Stealer’ is produced by young people from MK Academy and Stantonbury Campus and is funded by Community Foundation. The film focuses on the themes of being patient and friendship.

‘Key to Victory’ is produced by Ben Wyatt and it is about a young boy who was a karate expert in an earlier life and is able to use those skills to save his father’s life.

There is also a short animation film by a group of children aged seven to 11years.

The young people were trained by Segun Oguntola and Frank Scarito and editing was supervised by Mat Lucas.

The Mayor of Milton Keynes, Mr Brian White, will attend the premieres with all profits raised donated to CPPC towards the purchase of play equipment for Fishermead.

JFM founder Nana Oguntola, said the group did not just want to hold a glitzy premiere for the sake of it, but ‘wanted the premiere to mean more with the event providing an opportunity to give back to the community, and inspiring other young people that they can make a difference in their community by positive activities such as filmmaking.