Lions’ garden is on the move

Benches in the new garden area at MK Hospital PNL-160902-114059001
Benches in the new garden area at MK Hospital PNL-160902-114059001

The Lions Club of Bletchley has been continuing its support for Milton Keynes Hospital, with voluntary work and donations.

Bletchley Lions have worked on one of the many gardens atMK Hospital for about two years.

Unfortunately, due to the hospital’s expansion plans, the garden area is now required for a larger ‘Goods In’ department.

While the expansion is good news for people in Milton Keynes, it has meant the Lions relocating their garden to a different area.

Volunteers have moved as many plants and hard landscaping items as possible to a new garden within the hospital, next to the Eaglestone restaurant, where they have also installed two new benches and a table and chairs for people to use.

Lion Vic Wright said: “This is a good location because people can purchase food and drink from restaurant and eat their food in the garden.

“We will be working on the garden to improve it.

“If you see a Lion, come and talk to us – we do not bite.”

The Lions Club of Bletchley have also been busy supporting the children’s wards at the hospital by making life easier for parents waiting at their child’s bedside.

The Lions have produced an ‘Emergency Kit’ for parents who have children staying in hospital at short notice.

The kit contains items such as a flannel, tooth paste, toothbrush, comb and nail file.

They also have renewed the crockery in the parents’ lounge to make it more comfortable if the parents have to stay for long periods of time or overnight.

The Lions club of Bletchley has a long history of maintaining the parents room.

A few years ago, they decorated the room and supplied the fridge and microwave and seating.