List of health problems NHS in Milton Keynes will no longer fund

City health bosses are saving cash by refusing to routinely treat a whole string of medical conditions.

People suffering with everything from excess ear wax to painful corns may now have to face paying for private treatment.

The Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group this week published the result of a public consultation on which health problems are of ‘limited clinical value’ to the NHS.

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The good news was that they vowed to continue providing help for patients with mild hearing loss, or hard-of-hearing people wanting a second hearing aid.

But the bad news was that many treatments for other conditions will now be not routinely funded.

These include sleep apnoea treatment, gastric band or bypass surgery for weight loss, female sterilisation, surgery for ganglions, eye lens implants and injections for back pain.

People allergic to wheat will no longer receive gluten free food on prescription, while all GPs will cease prescribing over the counter medications.

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The only exceptions for all these bans will be if the patient is deemed to have exceptional clinical circumstances.

See the list of 23 health problems that will not be routinely treated here:

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