Listen very carefully, we shall say it only once...

'Allo 'Allo: Have a giggle!
'Allo 'Allo: Have a giggle!

Beloved British sitcom Allo Allo is being brought to the stage at The Chrysalis Theatre this week.

Milton Keynes Theatre of Comedy have taken up residence at the venue with shows until Saturday, so get ready as we meet again at Cafe Rene for ‘The Camembert Caper’.

Unwilling hero Rene Artois is trying to remain impartial but being dragged into the Second World War by both sides.

With the Germans threatening to shoot him if he does not hide stolen paintings and the Resistance using his cafe as a safe-house for shot-down British airmen, Rene has more than enough to deal with.

Add some flirtatious waitresses to the mix – along with plenty of silly accents – and you have the perfect recipe for top-notch entertainment.

Tickets start at £10, book online at