Litter pickers uncover an iPhone

A RAT and an iPhone were found by villagers during an annual litter pick in Great Brickhill.

Around 30 volunteers of all ages gave up their time last Tuesday to make their area cleaner – and their findings were certainly different to an average year.

Around 70 bags of rubbish were collected on the day and of all the things that could have been collected, a live, white rat was probably the last thing anyone expected. Volunteer, Mark Stasiuk, said: “There was a fantastic turn out and a great job done on the day. Around 30 people turned up to help clean the village and the roads around it.

“The most notable finds were, of course, a live white rat and an iPhone which is in full working condition. There is a photo of the owner on the screen so we are now looking for anyone who may have lost one.”

They are also appealing for anyone who may have lost the white rat or had one escape recently.

The organisers of the event extended special thanks to all of those who took part along with the parish council – which supplied protective clothing.

Mark added: “We would also like to say a big thank you to Paul of Deli Delivered for providing us with food and drink on the day.

“It was much appreciated and well deserved.”