Litterbugs blight our city parkland

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The Parks Trust has blasted bank holiday walkers who blight city beauty spots by leaving trails of litter behind them.

Last weekend saw the usual rise in people strolling along canals and through parkland.

But it also saw a huge surge in empty drinks bottles, food wrappers and tin cans discarded along the way.

Dog walker Doug Yates travelled along the towpath from Pennyland to Willen Lake on Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday – and picked up three giant sacks of litter.

He said: “This is the evidence of one sunny bank holiday and total disregard to our city.

“People should remove their litter rather than leaving it for the likes of myself to constantly pick up.”

The Parks Trust is only too happy to echo Mr Yates sentiments.

They spend a whopping £250,000 a year on employing litter pickers to clean up after the public.

The Trust also uses a crew of volunteer Rover Rangers, who scoop up litter every time they patrol a park.

But as fast as the debris is removed, more appears, said Parks Trust spokesman Nadir Farrell.

“All we want is for people to take their litter home with them. If they take something full into the park then why can’t they bring it back empty?” she said.

The Parks Trust only provides litter bins in high traffic and commercial areas such as Willen Lake.

Said Nadir: “We believe our parkland and canals should look unspoiled wherever possible.

“Litter bins can be unsightly and also costly to maintain and empty.

“The ideal situation is that people don’t disrespect the land and drop litter in the first place. All we ask is for people to take their litter home with them.”