Liver transplant mum runs 10 km

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A mum of three who was dying of liver failure just months ago has celebrated a successful transplant op by running ten kilometres for charity.

Julie Rushmer has bounced back to health after the liver switch just before Christmas.

On Saturday the 33-year-old, who could barely get out of bed a year ago, completed three circuits of Willen Lake.

She deliberately chose the week before the city’s massive Race for Life, calling her private fundraiser the ‘Race for Liver’.

“If anyone had told me last year that I’d be completing 10 kilometres I would have thought they were crazy!” she said.

“I didn’t even do any training. I just did the usual mum stuff – walking the dog and racing around after the children – to get my fitness back.”

Julie , who raised £500 towards hospital equipment for transplant patients. was joined on the run by her husband, Ronnie, friends, and her children Jack, 13, Max, eight and six year old Grace.

She said: “It was quite emotional. This time last year doctors told me I would not get to see my children grow up if I didn’t have a transplant. I was exhausted all the time, bright yellow with jaundice and constantly feeling sick. “

Julie was diagnosed with auto immune hepatitis after the birth of her first child and the condition became increasingly serious each year.

She was put on the transplant waiting list and the call came in December that a match had been found.

“The operation lasted six hours and it was on Friday 13th – which certainly proved lucky for me,” she said.

“I’ve written to thank the family of the donor, a 26-year-old female, and vowed to cherish my new liver for ever.”