Lloyds Court revamp is given the final go-ahead


A regeneration plan has been given the green light to transform run-down Lloyds Court at Central Milton Keynes.

Plans were this week approved by the council to rebuild Lloyds Court into “a new retail destination.”

The buildings dates from 1976 and was the first building to be completed in CMK.

The exterior will not alter significantly and the famous black horse statue will be retained.

But the inside will change completely with five new large retail spaces and a number of smaller units being created.

The units will be used for a mix of larger shops and smaller businesses.

The plans also involve filling in the service entrances on the Secklow Gate side of the building.

There will be a continuous pedestrian route along this side, where the new larger shop units will have their entrances.

A new service area will also be created on North Row, following concerns from residents about the original plans for a service access on North Tenth Street .