Local children may now miss out at Heronsgate


Children living just yards away from a Milton Keynes middle school could face 45-minute walks to school along the V10 every day, after Heronsgate announced a change to its 
admissions policy.

The school in Walnut Tree separates children into eight categories to prioritise whether they qualify for a place, with preference given to ‘looked after children’ and children living in the catchment area who have ab older sibling already at the school.

But prospective parents who live locally but who do not already have a child at the school will now be ‘relegated’ to number five in the list of priorities.

Instead the school will give precedence to the children of staff members.

Parent Hope Prior is applying to send her seven-year-old son to Heronsgate.

She said: “This also means that people who live opposite the school, in Walnut Tree, are fifth in the list to get in even though the school is outside their front doors.

“My son will find it very hard for us to get a placement at Heronsgate even though this is the only school that we have a safe route to walk to.

“To get to any other schools I will either have to drive all the time or possibly walk for 45 minutes or more, which will include dodging 60mph traffic on the V10 to get him there.

Heronsgate School was not available for comment.