Local pharmacy chain rescues pharmacy closure in Milton Keynes

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Lloyds Pharmacy in Stantonbury was due to close at the end of January - a decision taken by the Lloyds head office following severe cuts of dispensing fees.

But Milton Keynes based family business Jardines Pharmacy group, took up the challenge to keep it open.

“We were only informed in November that this Stantonbury branch is one of the nearly 200 branches earmarked for closure by the end of January. We are relieved to find our jobs are saved, but more importantly there are so many people living in Stantonbury, many whom are elderly with limited mobility and mothers with young children who will be delighted” said Eleanor Richards, a long standing member of staff.

“Pharmacy plays an important role in a community, with timely access to healthcare without appointment. We have therefore named this pharmacy as ‘Stantonbury Pharmacy’ to demonstrate our commitment to this particular community” said Krishan Modi, the Jardines Manger.