Locals keen to keep it green

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PLANS to cut down even more trees to increase the amount of parking spaces in Two Mile Ash have incensed residents.

Redevelopment of the high street has already seen a number of trees removed much to the displeasure of residents, who have already seen around 20 trees removed in the last month.

Some have formed the Two Mile Ash Environmental Group (TMAEG) in a bid to urge the council to reconsider plans that they feel will damage the area more than improve it.

The group have drawn up a plan of their own, which they believe will be a more appropriate alternative for the estate.

Their plan would see the central landscape strip remain intact, traffic calming measures, a reduced speed limit and the same number of parking spaces as the council have proposed, but the trees will be kept.

Tom Gaunt, a member of TMAEG, said: “I have lived on Two Mile Ash for 28 years. In recent times, there has been a slow deterioration of the local environment which had made this area such a pleasant place to live.

“I urge the local authorities to look at and consider our proposals before going ahead with their plan and destroying what little green space is left in the centre of Two Mile Ash.”

Another resident, David Gray, said: “The alternative plan for the centre allows for extra parking spaces as required by the parish council together with retention of the trees and improvements to the area, such as traffic calming adjacent to the two schools.”

The plans have been submitted to Milton Keynes Council.

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