London Midland Trains bosses told improvements needed at Bletchley Station

Bletchley station
Bletchley station

Train users have increased the pressure to improve disabled access at Bletchley Railway Station.

Last week bosses from London Midland Trains were quizzed on the issue at the Bedford to Bletchley Rail Users’ Association (BBRUA) AGM.

A lift is available for all platforms at Bletchley except for Platform 6 which is only used for trains calling at various village stops to Bedford.

BBRUA chairman Richard Crane said: “We have been promised for decades that we would have access to Platform 5, which does have a lift, but it never happens.

Trains now just go to Platform 6 where there is an old exposed bridge, no disabled access, and a covered seating area which might fit four people if they all squeezed in together.

“A lift would help the disabled, parents pushing buggies, and it would make a huge difference when there is bad weather.

“Those stairs are an accident waiting to happen.”

A London Midland spokesman said Platform 5 is a through line used mostly by freight trains which can’t be blocked with the Marston Vale train. She added: “The opportunity to improve access at the station will come with the the forthcoming East-West rail link as it will require an upgrade of the station.”