London to Poland via Jordan

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A TEAM who competed in the Ramshackle Rally helped to raise £1,770 for the Hospice and met Katie Price along the way.

Team Jagerbomb, consisting of Jon Garner, Richard Brewer, Mark Morrish and Ian Barnett, were one of 27 teams taking part in the event which sees teams travel 1,500 in four days.

The team headed off to Calais, travelling through Strasbourg, Innsbruck, Bratislava and then on the final day to Krakow.

Teams are only allowed to spend £200 on the car.

Allison Waterhouse from Willen Hospice said “It is great that Willen Hospice has the support from such a dynamic and fun activity.

“This is a great personal achievement for Team Jagerbomb and we are very grateful for the fantastic amount raised to enable the Hospice to provide specialist care for patients in our community.”

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