Looking after Milton Keynes’ abandoned pets on the farm

Andrew Pakes pictured with Ginger the cat
Andrew Pakes pictured with Ginger the cat

Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Milton Keynes South, Andrew Pakes, got out on the farm last week to see what happens to abandoned and rescued animals from the city.

Andrew visited the RSPCA animal centre on Blackberry Farm, near Aylesbury, which looks after up to 200 rescued and abandoned animals from Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes. The RSPCA have seen an increase in abandoned pets in recent years as rising living costs have hit many families.

Blackberry Farm is home to cats, dogs, rabbits and some more exotic animals such as ferrets which have been rescued or handed in to RSPCA inspectors. Keen animal lover Andrew got to meet playful Ginger, a recent guest of the cattery on the farm, and a very loveable staffie called Mimi both of whom are looking for homes.

The RSPCA are looking for more families to adopt abandoned pets from the centre – with all the animals having pictures and stories online.

Regional RPSCA Chief Inspector Rob Hartley was also hand to brief Andrew on recent cases being taken up by the animal welfare charity. The RSPCA is working with MPs and campaigners to improve the law to protect abandoned or mistreated horses, a campaign Andrew strongly supports.

Mr Pakes said; “I am a keen animal lover so it was really good to get a first-hand view of all the care and effort the RSPCA put into looking after animals at the farm.

“Sadly, the centre is almost always full with far too many animals being found abandoned or rescued from across Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire.

“It was also fantastic to spend some time playing with Ginger the cat who will make a great addition to a family soon.

“If only my own cat Archie wasn’t such a prima dona Ginger would have been straight back home with me.

“I hope people will do all they can to support the RSPCA and other charities in the great work they do looking after animals in our area.”

Julie Allen, manager at Blackberry Farm animal centre, added: “The RSPCA’s Blackberry Farm animal centre is a vital cog in the Society’s work to protect animal welfare.

“From treating animals brought in by our inspectors, rehabilitating and rehoming animals to offering training and advice for pet owners it makes such a difference for animals.”

If you would like to help the team at Blackberry Farm do even more for animals please get in touch on 0300 123 0752 or blackberryfarm@rspca.org.uk