Lord Ashcroft predicts two-point lead for Labour in Milton Keynes South


Political pundit Lord Ashcroft has predicted Labour will sneak a majority in Milton Keynes South in next month’s general election.

At the last election in 2010, Conservative Iain Stewart won the seat with a 5,201 majority, equal to 9.4 per cent of the vote.

But in Lord Ashcroft’s last round of polling in Conservative-Labour marginals, the former Tory chairman has Labour’s Andrew Pakes down with a two-percent lead.

Commenting on his poll, Lord Ashcroft said: “I found Labour leads in three seats, albeit well within the margin of error: Crewe & Nantwich (by three points), Finchley & Golders Green (by two points) and Milton Keynes South (by two points).

“As ever, it is important to remember that these are snapshots, not predictions.”