Lordship for sale

MPMC Lordship of Olney emblem - coat of arms for Dartmouth
MPMC Lordship of Olney emblem - coat of arms for Dartmouth

Have you ever fancied being a Lord of the Manor? Have you wanted to add your name to a pantheon made up of knights, earls and kingmakers?

Well we have some good news, because for the tidy sum of £8,250 you could buy the Lordship of the Manor of Olney.

The title is for sale by the Manorial Auctioneers of London, and the new Lord or Lady of the Manor will be able to use the title on their passports, chequebooks and credit cards.

Spokesman Robert Smith said: “We expect there will be some interest in this title. Olney is a picturesque town, and it’s quite well-to-do.

“As well as being a dignified title, it is also a chance to have a piece of history.”

The Lordship of the Manor of Olney is one of 34 historical titles currently for sale by the Manorial Auctioneers of London. They range from the Barony of North Ards in County Down, which has bids invited at £17,500, to the less expensive Lordship of Greetland and Lordship of Whinneymoor, which are both expected to cost £4,500 to the aspiring nobleman on a budget.

Any of the titles would make the owner eligible for the Manorial Society of Great Britain and to attend their annual reception at the House Of Lords.

The history of the Olney title reaches back to the Domesday Book in 1086, when the town belonged to Geoffrey, Bishop of Coutances in Normandy.

When William the Conqueror’s two sons fought over who would succeed him as King of England Bishop Geoffrey backed the wrong one; his Lordship was confiscated and given to the Earl of Chester.

Other Lords have included Ranulph le Mechin, who was poisoned by his wife, Richard Neville, who is known to history as The Kingmaker, and the various Earls of Dartmouth whose family held the Lordship title for almost 300 years before selling it in 1998.