Lorry driver ‘lucky to be alive’ after rock smashes windscreen

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A lorry driver said he is lucky to be alive after youths threw a large stone at his front windscreen.

John Jones was driving a 44-tonne lorry at around 6.20pm on Tuesday night and had just left the Kiln Farm Distribution Centre heading northbound on the A5 when he saw three youths on a bridge.

Seconds later he saw one of them throw a rock from the bridge before he heard an ‘horrendous bang’.

He said: “It was absolutely disgusting. The road was busy as well so I couldn’t stop, and if I had swerved I would have taken out seven cars.

“It came straight through the visor and straight into the windscreen. It left a football sized crack in the windscreen on the passenger side.

“I dread to think what would have happened if it had hit a car, I’m sure it would have done more damage though and maybe killed them. Being an experienced driver you’re ready for anything, so I didn’t swerve, but it shook me up.”

John called his boss at ATLE who asked if he was OK, before asking how bad the lorry was damaged. As it was dark John didn’t realise the extent of the damage so said there was nothing on the windscreen, but that he thought the rock had hit the roof so would need to check when he stopped.

However, when he got to his destination, he saw the damage and immediately called police.

He said: “When it first hit there was an horrendous bang but I looked and couldn’t see any damage, so assumed it had hit the roof. I was lucky it didn’t hit on my side of the lorry.”