Loughton school receives Councillor for Children's Inclusion award

Loughton School has been awarded a Councillor for Children's Inclusion Award.

The councillor for Children’s Inclusion Award was launched by councillor for Children and Families, Zoe Nolan, to recognise schools that embrace inclusion.

Loughton School received the award for celebrating each child’s personal achievements, no matter how small.

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Loughton hchool Headteacher, Andy George, said, “I was very proud to receive the award on behalf of all of the staff at Loughton who work so hard for all of our children. We believe that being at Loughton is not just about high SATs grades, but about developing every child’s unique potential, whatever their strength may be.”

Cllr Zoe Nolan added: “Loughton School really celebrates each and every child’s achievements and they work with such dedication. It was a privilege to personally present them with the Councillor’s for Children’s Inclusion Award.”