Love is saving a friend’s life

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When Sharon McMurray wished her friend a happy Valentine’s Day on Monday she meant it with all her heart – and her kidney too.

For the 39-year-old spent the morning in an operating theatre, having one of her healthy kidneys removed to be transplanted into best friend Tracey Aspin.

City dance teacher Tracey had been spending three days a week on dialysis since her kidneys failed more than a year ago.

Both operations were a success and the pair are recovering in adjoining hospital rooms.

Already they have met for a chat, said Sharon’s husband Tony.

“Sharon should be returning home by the end of this week and Tracey a week later,” he said.

The McMurrays run Towcester tearooms and are holding a charity tea dance on Sunday, March 13 to raise money for the Oxford Transplant foundation.

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