Love to blossom at MK Rose

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Roses have long been associated with romance on Valentine’s Day with the MK Rose the focus for romantic thoughts this Friday.

The Campbell Park artwork will have romantic poems and quotes tied around its pillars with red ribbon while Milton Keynes’ Poet Laureate, Mark Niel will be on hand with songs, poems and plenty of inspiration.

So if you’re the kind who gets tongue-tied and needs some help putting your feelings into words, Mark will be happy to help you write your own short poem to win the heart of your Valentine.

Mark will be reading and singing at 11am, 1pm and 3pm on Friday, February 14.

To get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day Mark has penned a special poem;

I Love you More

Oh I love you more

Than I can explain

More than Superman

Loved Lois Lane

More than DIY experts

Love putting up a shelf

More than Simon Cowell

Loves himself

More than Fred loves Wilma and

Betty loves Barney

I love you more than

Ketchup loves a Sausage Sarnie

And believe me,

That’s HUGE!

More than winter sports fans

Love the luge

I love you more than

Chips love fish

More than genies love

Granting a wish

More than Romeo

Loved Juliet

More than Edith Piaf loved

Having no regrets

And no regrets

Brings me to you

Because ever since

I said I do

Contentment has been

My natural state

For me you are

The perfect mate

So after all these years

I’m still glad you’re mine

And if you still feel the same

Darling, be my Valentine!

Mark Niel

Milton Keynes’ Poet Laureate

February 2014