Lukewarm response to a lifesaving campaign

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New leisure centre Bletchley'''wk4 M10 MPMC

A pensioner who witnessed a man brought back from the dead is campaigning for a life-saving heart defibrillator to be installed at Bletchely Leisure Centre .

Tom Borland, 77, says the £1,00 automated machine could save countless lives .

His request comes just two weeks after the dramatic collapse of a 40-year-old gym member at DW Sports and Fitness Club less than a mile away.

The man had a cardiac arrest and stopped breathing. Hero gym manager John Burkham saved his life by performing CPR until the ambulance arrived,

Tom, lives on Barleyhurst Park, once witnessed a similar miracle at a London business event .

“A man collapsed with a heart attack. Luckily the staff had a defibrillator on site and they got his heart beating again in those precious few minutes before the paramedics were able to get there.

“Ever since then I have campaigned to get these machines in every place possible. I can’t understand why there is not one in Bletchley Leisure Centre – it is so little cost compared to saving a life.”

A defibrillator shocks the heart into beating. Training is needed because it is vital it is not used while the heart is still pumping.

Determined Tom wrote to 40 city councillors with his Bletchley Leisure Centre request two weeks ago. But so far, he said, only seven have replied.

“One councillor, Chris Williams, was very positive but some made negative comments. I will not give up.”

A spokesman for Hertsmere Leisure, which manages Bletchley Leisure Centre, said the decision was down to Milton Keynes Council.