Luxury home buyers launchtheir protest

The first 13 houses to be completed as part of the 6,600-home Milton Keynes Western Expansion plan are riddled with serious faults, the new occupiers have claimed.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 31st May 2016, 11:37 am
Updated Tuesday, 30th August 2016, 5:01 pm

The unlucky 13 paid up to £500,000 just a few months ago for the luxury Bovis-built homes at Crownhill.

But ever since they moved in they have been plagued with problems including mould, leaks, wonky ceilings and broken fixtures, claims resident Marc Holden.

Now the new families, who claim Bovis have failed to listen to their woes, have finally had enough and plan to create a website called ‘bovishomessuck’. They are also holding protests outside the showhome to alert new buyers.

The houses, opposite Crownhill Crematorium, are the first to be built on the massive Whitehouse development, which will eventually house 4,400 dwellings.

The entire western expansion, to be completed by 2030, will cover 450 hectares and run west of the V4 Watling Street between Stony Stratford, Kiln Farm, Two Mile Ash, Crownhill and Grange Farm.

“This is certainly not a good start to the WEA,” said Marc.

“These problems cannot just be put down to snagging, although we all have dozens of snagging issues too. One particular house has such bad damp and mould that it caused a three-month-old baby to become ill and end up in hospital,” he claimed.

The frustrated families have now forked out for private building experts to come and inspect their homes.

More houses have recently been completed by another developer on the Fairfields side of the WEA. There are no known problems with these.

A spokesman for Bovis homes said: “While buyers rightly want everything to be perfect in their new property, homes are not built in factories and on occasion there can be some ‘snagging’ items. It is our policy to resolve these under the terms of the warranty and we will continue to work with customers to do this.”