MacIntrye Spring Fair is a huge success

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The MacIntyre Spring Fair at Great Holm was a huge success at the weekend, helped largely by great weather.

With the support of several hundred visitors and a rain-free day, the charity raised nearly £650 for their project to redevelop the Milton Keynes showcase site.

A vintage craft fair, car boot sale and a host of other attractions drew in bargain-seekers and supporters from all over the Milton Keynes area.

Anna Perry, head of operations, said: “It was a fantastic success and we’re just so pleased that we managed to hit a dry spot in the week. It seemed to make all the difference and the community were quick to come out and take advantage of it and to enjoy the event,”

The charity, which has its national headquarters in central MK and supports more than 170 disabled adults around the city, is redeveloping the Great Holm site to ensure it meets future needs and provides appropriate facilities for the profoundly disabled. Staff and supporters are fund-raising to help kit out the new building.

“We have a long way to go but, thanks to everyone who worked so hard and everyone who came along, we raised a very good amount of money which is a welcome boost to the funds,” Anna said.