Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson chats to the Milton Keynes Citizen about her new book

Lucy Watson at WHSmith in Milton Keynes PNL-140527-153547001
Lucy Watson at WHSmith in Milton Keynes PNL-140527-153547001

Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson was in Milton Keynes yesterday to sign copies of her new book, The Dating Game.

The reality TV personality was greeted by hundreds of fans at WHSmith in centre:mk to promote her first book, which she describes as an older sister for young girls looking for love.

Speaking to the Citizen, Lucy said: “I’ve had some really positive feedback about the book, everyone seems to really like and have said they’ve learnt a lot, which is great.

“My book fills you with confidence and power that you can move on and it’s not the end of the world that you have broken up - there’s more out there.

“It also reminds you what is great about being single too. A lot of girls think they have to rush back into a relationship and that’s not the case.

“I’m single at the moment and it’s the best thing ever - you don’t have to think about anyone else or have any stress.

“Boyfriends are quite stressful; until you’re old enough to get married you really don’t need to bother about them.

“I’m a feminist, I’m all about girl-power so I don’t want girls to think boys can control them or that they need to have a man in their life.”

Since joining the Bafta-winning E4 show, Lucy has been through her fair share of heartache - but has chosen to use her experiences of serial cheaters, public betrayals and scandals to give advice to others.

“It’s been fun going around England on tour”, added Lucy.

“I’ve loved my visit to Milton Keynes.”