Major evacuation at Inland Revenue

Major evacuation
Major evacuation

A MAJOR evacuation had to take place at HM Inland Revenue today after an air conditioning unit leaked toxic gas.

Chiefs of police, fire & rescue and of the ambulance service were called to the incident on Wednesday afternoon, with many people trapped in surrounding buildings.

Lee Knight, from Retail Merchant Services, was told, with 50 colleagues, to remain in their building while tests were carried out.

He said: “We were told it was a problem with the air conditioning, but we were told to remain in the building. People were taken away in ambulances. We were told that fire teams were being called in from Aylesbury and that we had to be prepared to evacuate the building quickly.”

20 people reacted to what was reported at first as a ‘funny smell’, and it is believed some needed hospital treatment. The gas was an unknown chemical circling through the air conditioning, and decontamination tents and shelter tents were set up outside. Emergency services were considering whether to shut Silbury Boulevard.