Make a racquet about playing tennis this summer

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People are being encouraged to play tennis to improve their fitness ahead of the summer.

As part of a new county-wide initiative people are being encouraged to get out of their offices and onto tennis courts at affordable sessions catered to their schedules at their nearest tennis club.

Evening sessions began last week at Woughton Leisure Centre and will expand across the town this month and continue throughout the summer tennis season as part of Reactivate Bucks – which has been used as a platform to push involvement in sports for the last three years.

The sessions are aimed at raising involvement in activities such as Cardio Tennis and Tennis Xpress, which do not require tennis ability to play and which people can fit it around work, family and other commitments.

Cardio Tennis is an increasingly popular high-energy cardio workout, a non-stop hour of fitness activities to a high-tempo beat aimed at burning up to 600 calories per session.

Alternatively, Tennis Xpress teaches how to serve, rally and score in just six weeks with group coaching and equipment provided.

Kirsty Ingham, Reactivate Bucks project fficer, said: “When you are young finding time to do a bit of sport is easy, but when you get older becomes more and more of a challenge.

“We are specifically aiming these sessions at men in Milton Keynes who work hard to juggle their professional and personal lives and are perhaps not as active as they want to be as a result.

“The sessions we are offering are ideal for this type of person. It does not require any level of tennis ability, is incredibly popular and, most importantly, is also very good for improving fitness levels.”

For more contact Milton Keynes’ Tennis Development Officer Nina Bridge on 07971 141373, Kirsty Ingham on 01296 585249, or visit