Make it the best year of your life

Jane Matthews' book
Jane Matthews' book

AN author from Great Linford has made it her mission to change people’s lives in 2011.

Jane Matthews’ book ‘Have the best year of your life’ offers readers a short themed activity for each day – a series of exercises, challenges, fun, treats and meditations that together will deliver a year to remember.

Jane’s tasks are intended to be a year-long process, rather than a series of quick-fixes as used in many other self-help books.

“One of the reasons so many of our new year’s resolutions go the way of the turkey carcass is because we set the bar too high for ourselves and get disheartened when we don’t see instant results,” said Jane.

“Plus, our resolutions are based on a belief that we are not good enough which means we approach them with the wrong mindset.

“I’ve always believed that creating a better life for ourselves should be fun, and we should be able to fit it around the lives we lead.

“Though the book has an activity for each day of the week for 52 weeks of the year readers can pick and choose what they do when so these things aren’t chores – and they know that by the end of the year they’ll be able to look back and see just how far those 365 steps have carried them from their old lives.”

Have the Best Year of Your Life is available from Waterstone’s in Midsummer Place, from and direct from the author at