Make it your night by getting involved with You-Nite

standard web pics to use on the Milton Keynes Citizen website
standard web pics to use on the Milton Keynes Citizen website

A PASSIONATE group of 19 talented A Level students from the Bletchley Campus of Milton Keynes College are joining forces as young enterprisers.

You-Nite is a branch of Young Enterprise which specialises in events around Milton Keynes for post-16 students.

Live music events showcasing student’s talents, inter-sixth form football tournaments and a charity fashion show are just some of the exciting events in the pipeline.

The group aims to integrate different courses through hosting events for students, by students.

Initially, events will focus on MK College campuses but will expand across other schools in the area.

Last Friday You-Nite hosted a live music event called LOVE-music:LOVE-talent at the Buszy, next to the station, showcasing a variety of acts.

Any profit raised will be used to help improve educational facilities within Milton Keynes to help support future projects.

Events are run by the students for students to watch – with students taking part - creating a tailor-made experience for young people to enjoy.

Anyone interested in You-Nite can visit their facebook page: