Man accused of taking photo of court room appears in court himself


A man accused of taking a photo from the public gallery of a court room during a drugs trial appeared in court himself today. (Mon).

Mark Baker, of Milton Keynes, was alleged to have committed a contempt of court by snapping a picture of the court room at Aylesbury on an iPhone during the trial of several drug dealers as part of Thames Valley Police’s Operation Sabine crackdown.

Officers recovered drugs paraphernalia, a kilo of cocaine and a handgun with ammunition at an address at Godwin Close, Milton Keynes on May 15. A further kilo of cocaine and approximately £50,000 in cash was recovered at an address in Northampton on August 2 as part of these operations.

The trial, on December 5, involved prosecutions against several members of an organised crime gang from Northampton.

Michael Mullen, Wayne Shirley, David and Debbie Bell, Aaron Baine, Jason Bailey and Robert Burnett are due to be sentenced for their involvement in the drugs operation at Aylesbury Crown Court on Monday, January 20.

Under the Criminal Justice Act 1925, it is illegal to take any photograph of a person inside a court building.

Baker, aged 36, of Sheep Way, Giffard Park, wore a grey jacket, black shirt and jeans for the hearing, when he denied the charge.

He was was released on conditional bail to return to the court on January 20.