Man defeated in ‘death fund’ suicide wish

Roger Bailey
Roger Bailey

A man who asked the nation to donate towards his own death had his hopes dashed by a funding website.

Roger Bailey set up a crowdfunder page to raise up to £30,000 to enable him to have an assisted suicide at Dignitas Clinic in Switzerland.

Disabled with a spinal condition, suffering from cancer and in constant pain, he has been trying unsuccessfully to save the cash for a year.

Last week’s Citizen story was repeated in the national press and turned 66-year-old Roger into a media celebrity.

But this week he was contacted by crowdfunder organisers to say his page had to be pulled – because it could be illegal for the people donating.

A spokesman told him: “We have been instructed that the backers are at risk of breaking the current law and assisting suicide.”

She added: “Crowdfunder itself may also be at risk of breaking the law.

“We would like to thank you for putting your crowdfunder live with us and apologise that we cannot let the project fund on the website.”

Roger had gathered £130 in donations. Had he hit his target, he planned to donate any spare cash to charity.

He is now campaigning for the laws on assisted suicide to be changed.

“I know it is time to die. I want to be free from this constant pain and debilitation and I no longer want to be a burden on the NHS,” he said.

“I would rather the NHS saved the money it costs to treat me and use it to help people who want to live.”