Man drops five stone in five months

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A city man is celebrating after dropping five stone in five months.

Amit Patel, 26, from Heelands, joined PureGym in September to regain control of his weight.

With a waist measuring 42 inches and weighing in at 18 stone, Amit was unhappy with the way he looked and realised how physically limited he was. Simple tasks such as climbing a flight of stairs would leave him in a sweat.

After joining the gym he decided to hire the use of a personal trainer, knowing that would keep him motivated and help him make long-lasting changes to his lifestyle so he could keep the weight off.

By looking at his eating habits it was easy for Amit to see where he needed to make the changes and he gradually began to understand his food consumption.

Amit now weighs a healthy 13 stone and boasts a slim 34inch waist. He has lost a total of five stone and dropped four trouser size, and all this in just five months.

Amit said: “It hasn’t been easy and at times I have slipped up, especially when it comes to my nutrition, but Amita has kept me motivated so my slip ups don’t affect my weight loss in a big way. Back in September, I would never have thought I would be here, but I am thanks to all the support I’ve had. I now really enjoy working out and look forward to it as well! For me, it is now a lifestyle.”

Naj Chekaya, General Manager at PureGym Milton Keynes, said: “The work that Amita has done with Amit is astounding, he looks like a completely different person than when he first walked through the gym doors. We are all very proud of him.”