Man ejected from stadium:mk following alleged racist gesture


A MAN who made an alleged racist gesture at stadium:mk on Saturday is currently being investigated by police.

The man, and the player believed to have been the victim of the gesture, were both interviewed after MK Dons’ 3-1 FA Cup fifth round defeat to Barnsley.

The incident sparked after Alan Smith’s red card deep into stoppage time, with the man ejected from the stadium.

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said: “The alleged offensive gesture was reported by a third party. Yesterday (Sunday) police officers interviewed both the spectator reported to have made the gesture, and the alleged victim.

“At this stage, the incident is still under investigation.

“Thames Valley Police will always thoroughly investigate allegations of offences of this nature and anyone who has suffered or witnessed such an offence is asked to contact the police on the non-emergency number 101.”

A statement released by MK Dons immediately after the game read: “MK Dons Football Club and Barnsley Football Club are currently liaising with Thames Valley Police regarding an alleged offensive gesture made by a spectator at today’s FA Cup match at stadium:mk.

“The spectator in question has been interviewed by Police; currently Thames Valley Police have no evidence to suggest the alleged gesture was of a racist nature. MK Dons will continue to monitor footage of the area where the alleged incident took place.

“Barnsley Football Club has placed on record its thanks to MK Dons FC, the stewards and the police for their professional and efficient handling of the situation.

“Both MK Dons and Barnsley are committed to making football a family friendly environment and will not tolerate abusive or aggressive behaviour of any nature.”

Barnsley manager David Flitcroft said: “I felt one of the fans was having a go at one of my players so I responded in the heat of the moment, I will protect my players to the hilt.

“I think MK Dons are looking into the incident. I just asked if a gesture had been made could the man be taken out of the stadium.”