Man fined for dumping car near bus stop

Ford Focus abandoned on Oldbrook Boulevard, Oldbrook
Ford Focus abandoned on Oldbrook Boulevard, Oldbrook

A Milton Keynes man has been made to pay nearly £1,500 in fines, costs and compensation after dumping his car by a bus-stop.

Lee Bailey, 46, of Oldbrook Boulevard, Oldbrook, was found guilty in his absence, by Milton Keynes Magistrates on Friday for abandoning a Ford Focus on his estate.

The court heard how, on November 4, 2014, enforcement officers from the environmental crime unit of Milton Keynes Council responded to reports of a car that hadn’t moved for some time on Evans Gate.

Officers saw it was parked, with two wheels on the footpath, between the bus stop and a central island. It was untaxed and had a crack in its windscreen. A notice was placed upon the vehicle giving the owner seven days to remove it, but when they returned a week later nothing had changed.

Officers called at Mr Bailey’s house twice, placing notes through the door explaining what was happening, but there was no response and on November 17, they ordered the vehicle to be removed and destroyed. Mr Bailey was given a £200 fixed penalty notice for abandoning his car, but he failed to pay.

On Friday, magistrates fined him £600 for abandoning his car and ordered him to pay £225 to the council in compensation for costs incurred in removing and destroying it. He was ordered to pay the council’s legal costs of £598.50 plus a £60 victim surcharge.

Environmental crime team leader, Pete Roberts, said: “We have a duty to investigate and removed abandoned vehicles in these cases. Mr Bailey was given ample opportunity to move his car, but he failed to do so despite our best efforts to persuade him.

“Instead of making money from the scrap value of the car, he is now some £1,500 out of pocket.”

Abandoning a car is an offence under S.2(1)(a) Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978.