Man gets two years behind bars for sexually assaulting a teenage boy in Milton Keynes

Paedophile Gordon Macrae pounced on a teenage boy who called at his Milton Keynes home to help him set up a computer, a judge heard today.

Monday, 28th November 2016, 3:43 pm
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 4:23 pm
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Macrae, 58, greeted the youngster who knocked on his door by exposing himself as he let him into his house.

Later Macrae gave the 15-year-old boy a piece of paper with his contact details on it - and the boy texted him one evening before calling at Macrae’s home to return a piece of computer kit.

He was again sexually assaulted.

A judge heard that the middle-aged husband groped the teenager as well as exposing himself to him.

Today judge Marie Lamb criticised Macrae for not admitting his crimes but waiting for a jury to convict him at a trial.

A prosecuter, in outlining the sentencing case claimed that Macrae was ‘emboldened’ in his second assault on the same boy because the youngster did not immediately report the first offence to the police.

Judge Lamb jailed Macrae for 18 months for sexual assault and engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child, who the court heard was struggling with his GCSEs because of the attacks.

She said the sexual assault happened as the victim was helping Macrae set up his television set and his computer at the defendant’s home in Milton Keynes,

The judge said Macrae suddenly started sexually pleasuring himself as soon as the boy turned his back.

She said: “Having handed back the elecctronic equipment he turned around to see you looking upon him with a strange look on your face, on your doorstep. It was quite obvious that was something being done for your own sexual gratification.”

She read from a report from the victim’s school and said: “This has had really very significant impact upon the boy’s performance and attendance at school. “A lovely, well-behaved student, he is now having to have home tutoring to help him catch up to assist him with his revision and this comes at a critical time for a young boy who is embarking on preparing for his future.”

Miles Trigg, prosecuting, said: “Certainly this hanging over him as he is coming up to important exams has had a significant impact on this young man.

“It may very well be the case that he will leave school with lesser academic qualifications than he otherwise would have been able to do so.

“The school speaks positively of him as a pupil but they have had to hold him back on a number of topics because of the pressure.”

The judge said an immediate jail term was “unavoidable” and sentenced Macrae to 18 months in jail for the sexual assault and for nine months for the engaging in sexual activity charge, to run concurrently.

A restraining order and a Sexual Harm Prevention Order were issued, banned him from contacting children aged under 16 years for five years.