Man jailed for “horrific premeditated crime”: Bletchley woman threatened with knife and lighter

David Fitzgerald
David Fitzgerald

A man has been jailed for threatening to burn a woman with a lighter and kill her family while attacking her in her own home.

David Fitzgerald, 23, of no fixed abode, was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment for making threats to kill and three years and four months’ imprisonment for assault causing ABH. Sentences are to run concurrently.

Fitzgerald called at a flat in Whaddon Way, Bletchley, at around 10pm on Tuesday, March 10. While inside, he grabbed the 24-year-old victim’s face, put one finger in her eye and dragged her towards the bed, causing her eye to sting and ‘feel like it was going to pop out’.

He then punched her in the jaw and she fell backwards onto her bed. Fitzgerald then climbed on top of her and punched her to her face, stomach and groin. He covered her mouth to stop her screaming.

He held her nose whilst pouring water in her mouth and said to her: “I’m going to suffocate you.”

He pulled a knife from his pocket, put it to her throat and made more threats to kill her and then threatened to burn her with a lighter before threatening to kill her family.

The victim suffered cuts and bruising to her arm, face, neck and body.

Fitzgerald was sentenced last Tuesday at Aylesbury Crown Court after pleading guilty to both charges.

Det Con Sarah Danzelman of Domestic Abuse Investigation Unit said: “This was a horrific premeditated crime where the victim was assaulted and threatened in her own home.

“She genuinely feared for her life which is what was intended and I believe the sentence given by the Judge reflects this.”