Man jailed for sexual assault on sleeping victim

Court News
Court News

A “sexually greedy” man who assaulted a woman he claimed was in love with him, is starting a lengthy prison sentence.

Jesurajan Jesuthasan sexually assaulted his victim while she was in a drunken stupor, having been invited into the home she shared with her partner, as a friend.

Defiant Jesuthasan claimed he had done nothing wrong, saying the woman was in love with him and the pair shared a romance.

However, jurors saw through the 21-year-old’s lies and he was sent to the cells with a crown court judge’s words that he had “accepted no responsibility for this dreadful thing” ringing in his ears.

He will also remain on the Sex Offenders’ Register for the rest of his life at the order of the judge, who told Jesuthasan he was lucky not to have been considered a major danger to women.

Jesuthasan, a builder, continued to insist to probation officers he was in a relationship with his victim even after he had found guilty of sexually assaulting her.

The court was told prior to sentencing that this was not the case and the victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had not struck up a romantic relationship with him.

The court heard that Jesuthasan had been drinking with his victim and her partner at their home and he made his move when the boyfriend went to bed and the woman fell asleep through alcohol.

He was charged with sexual assault by penetration and was found guilty by a jury after denying the offence.

Judge Francis Sheridan told the defendant as he passed sentence: “The first point I make is that you made your victim relive this dreadful night. She was deeply distressed when giving her evidence.

“You were invited into the home of the complainant and her partner as a friend. I have specifically asked this morning whether or not you intended to pursue this ludicrous account you’ve given to the probation officer that you claim the victim had developed a romance and you cared for her.

“You went into that home welcomed as a friend. You had some drink. I don’t accept you were so under the influence you didn’t know what you were doing.”

The judge went on: “You’ve accepted no responsibility for this dreadful thing that you’ve done.

“Any idea you were in love, or she was in a romance with you, is wickedly derogatory. You took advantage when she was sound asleep. You lifted her off the sofa and took advantage of her when she was asleep and in drink.

“You now seek to spoil what’s left of this relationship by claiming a false romance - that is wicked.

“You were sexually greedy and you took advantage of her. She deserves pity and not the arrogance you treated her with.

“If you continue to live your life in total denial, you are very lucky I don’t find you dangerous.

“You are not entitled to take advantage of a female simply because she is a female. That is an arrogant attitude.”

Judge Sheridan jailed Jesuthasan, of Bradwell Road, Milton Keynes, for six years when he appeared at court for sentencing on December 22.

He decided against ordering the defendant to pay compensation to his victim. He said: “I make no orders for costs - the last thing this young lady wants to anything from him.”