Man’s Battle of Portaloo vow in leak rumpus

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A desperate tenant has threatened to pitch a Portaloo outside his block of flats unless the council fixes a leak into his bathroom.

Disabled Bilal Kolak is forced to paddle through dirty water every time he uses the bathroom at his Conniburrow home.

The problem is caused by a leak from the flat above and has been going on for months, he said.

“The upstairs flat is privately owned and the dirty water is leaking out of the bath or shower and into my bathroom.

“It makes it very dangerous and slippery. I’ve already been hospitalised once after I slipped over on it.

“Apart from the danger, the constant dripping noise is driving me crazy.”

Bilal, who is 52, suffers from arthritis and hip disease.

He has told the council he will hire a portable toilet and put it up outside the Cleavers Avenue block of flats if the situation continues.

“I don’t care – it’s safer than using my bathroom,” he said.

A council spokesman said: “We do have sympathy for this gentleman and we are trying to resolve this matter, although we are in a difficult position as the property above his flat is privately owned.

The spokesman added: “Work was carried out previously and it appeared the problem was sorted, but unfortunately it has re-occurred.

“We have had several conversations with the landlord, and we will continue to seek an amicable solution.”