Man’s efforts to feed the hungry

Councillor Hiten Ganatra
Councillor Hiten Ganatra

A councillor travelled across the world to feed more than one thousand starving children and parents in a west Indian village.

Hiten Ganatra, councillor for Shenley Brook End, spent thousands of pounds on food for the most needy in Khambhaliya, where his grandparents were born.

The dad-of-two said: “I saw people in poverty, living because they had to, not because they had a purpose in life.

“I have been very lucky and blessed in life, so I wanted to give back, but I didn’t want to just give money.

“With every penny I spent I was able to see the money used to put smiles on people’s faces and food in their bellies.”

Mr Ganatra’s donation helped feed 400 children, some as young as three years old, who had been sent out by their parents to beg.

It also helped pay for food parcels that fed 350 families, which amounted to around 700 people. The parcels were filled with items such as rice, sugar, tea and oil.

The 33-year-old city businessman added: “You realise how much you take for granted, even if it’s just basic rations of food.

“I could see it in everyone’s eyes just how much it meant to them. It was an incredible experience.”