Man saves partner and two sons from '˜inferno' in Milton Keynes

The man who pulled his partner and two children from a fire at his Lakes Estate home, has spoken out about his horrific ordeal.

Thursday, 8th December 2016, 8:57 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 2:27 pm

Ben, 39, has lived on Nevis Grove in Bletchley for almost a year with his partner Jamesina, 25, and their four young sons.

Last Friday a blaze ‘engulfed’ their home leaving the family devastated and with nothing.

Ben said: “It’s devastating just before Christmas. It’s like we’ve gone back ten years, everything we own is either burnt or damaged.”

Three fire crews were called to the incident at 9.30am.

“I was downstairs with our two youngest boys, my partner was upstairs taking a nap after doing the school run,” Ben explained.

“I heard a rustling sound coming from the hall, it sounded like a plastic bag, I left the boys to see what it was and there was a raging inferno coming from upstairs.

“I was terrified, but I ran upstairs because I knew Jamesina was asleep and I had to wake her up.

“I shouted ‘fire, there’s a fire get out!’ at her and ran back downstairs to get the boys.”

Two of Ben’s sons were at school when the fire started. Ben and Jamesina have four sons who are aged, five, three, two and eight weeks old.

“But when me and the boys were outside in the garden, Jasmina was still in the house, I had no idea what was taking her so long.

“I managed to get back in, and found her upstairs looking for the baby.

“I grabbed her and pulled her downstairs and oustide.

“Her hair was on fire, she was in shock. It was so crazy.”

Ben claims he has made several complaints about the electricity, however a spokesperson from the fire service said it was most likely a candle that started the fire.

Milton Keynes Council have now placed the family in new temporary accommodation, Ben feels ‘lucky’ he was re-housed so quickly after the disaster.