Man wins £5,000 for swiping his shopping card

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A city man won £5,000 swiping his card after shopping at Waitrose.

Colin Potter swiped his myWaitrose card in the shop’s Oakgrove branch and couldn’t believe his luck when he was told he’d won the money and a years supply of groceries. Mr Potter and his wife Suzie have been regular shoppers at Waitrose for a number of years.

He said, “We are absolutely delighted to have won and are planning on sharing the prize with our son and daughter in law who are about to move house.”

“However we hope to treat ourselves to a new as well as a few special food treats from Waitrose.”

Each month just one Waitrose shopper in the country using their card will win the prize and the Branch Manager of Waitrose Oakgrove, Paul Taylor was delighted it was a shopper from his store.

He added: “I am delighted for Colin and his wife. It seems fitting that in the month we opened our brand new store in Oakgrove that the winner of the £5,000 should live in the Milton Keynes area.”