Manager paints tree to share memories

Ann Saunders and the memory tree she painted.
Ann Saunders and the memory tree she painted.

A member of staff at Milton Keynes specialist memory service made the most of her art skills when she painted a large memory tree inside its base at Cripps Lodge, Broadlands.

Ann Saunders, team manager for the service which is part of Central and North London NHS, hasn’t picked up a brush for work of this nature since her school days.

She said: “You never forget. It was a real pleasure to do this and it reminded me of how much I enjoy projects like this.”

The memory tree was inspired as part of Milton Keynes’ inaugural All Hands on Deck event this year to coincide with Dementia Awareness Week. Carers, loved ones, or service users could write their names on the forget-me-not flowers and pin on the tree. A picture of the tree appears on our website.