Marines inspire in school music visit

City school children got to meet two Royal Marines yesterday who taught them about the thrill of a career in their music service.

Children from Charles Warren Academy – formerly Simpson School – looked on in awe as musician Lizzie Merrell stood in front of the assembly and demonstrated how to play the flute and the piccolo.

Year Two pupil Kai with musician Lizzie Merrell

Year Two pupil Kai with musician Lizzie Merrell

She told them about the discipline involved with being a Marine, explaining about her work in the UK and overseas.

Pupils were told they would need to work hard at school if they wanted to follow in Lizzie’s footsteps.

Year Two pupil Kai was selected to go to the front of the assembly where he tried on various equipment that the standard Marine would have to carry on a regular basis.

The youngster tried on a hat and small backpack. However, he was spared carrying the full weight of the backpack.

Year Three pupil Zak was then chosen by principal Kate Holland to try on a full Marine band uniform, despite the sizes being slightly too big.

Mrs Holland said: “This assembly was all about showing the children why it is so important to work hard at school and get a good education. They enjoyed listening to the music and it showed them what they can achieve, these experiences and these kind of assemblies make learning vivid and real.

“This school, its staff and pupils are constantly raising aspirations and expectations and our motto is ‘to make our best better.’”