Mark Lancaster MP praises pension scheme for Armed Forces

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Having marked a very poignant year and dutifully recognised those who have fallen, the government has fulfilled its commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant.

From April 1, 2015, changes to the Armed Forces and War pension schemes will mean that widows, widowers and surviving civil partners of all members of the Armed Forces Pension Scheme will now retain their pensions for life.

These changes recognise the unique commitment made by Service families, who have often have had to cope with long and uncertain separations while their partners are deployed on operations.

The mobile nature of service life has prevented many earning their own occupational pension.

Government recognised this was placing them at a disadvantage in trying to plan for their own financial future.

For those who have already surrendered their pension due to remarriage or cohabitation, should that relationship end they can apply to have their pension restored for life.

Mark Lancaster MP for Milton Keynes North said: “As a current member of the Armed Forces, I know this policy decision will be warmly welcomed by all my colleagues.

“Families and loved ones can now be reassured that the government’s changes will provide them with all the security that a war pension brings.”